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Get the CD of Deva Mahal's pulse-pounding debut album 'Run Deep'!

A rare combination of masterful songwriting and breathtaking vocal talent, Deva Mahal steps into the spotlight on her debut, ’Run Deep’, an album of pualse-pounding soul with a decidedly modern edge. Taking inspiration from the idea of strength through vulnerability, Deva powerfully connects with her audience with raw honesty, rich musicality, and emotionally searing songs of love and loss, and the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity.


1. Can't Call It Love
2. Snakes
3. Fire
4. Dream
5. Shards
6. Run Deep (feat. Coco Peila)
7. Turnt Up (feat. Allen Stone)
8. Superman (Interlude)
9. Optimist
10. Wicked
11. It's Down to You
12. Take A Giant Step